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How the VINE Process Works

Notification calls to registered victims will be made when one or more of the following occur:

  • County Jails
    a) When an inmate is released from custody for any reason.
    b) At the death of the inmate (calls made only during daytime hours).
    c) If the inmate escapes from custody.
    d) If the inmate is returned to custody after escape (calls made only during daytime hours).
    e) If the inmate is transferred to another facility (delayed notification/calls made during daytime hours).
  • Nebraska Department of Correctional Services
    a) Commute of an inmate's sentence or pardon.
    b) Release of an inmate to furlough, work release or community program (unsupervised custody).
    c) Cancellation of an inmate's scheduled release.
    d) If the inmate has an upcoming parole hearing (30 day advance/daytime hour notification).
    e) A cancellation of a parole hearing (daytime hours only).
    f) The parole hearing results (daytime hours only).

Unless otherwise noted, notification calls begin as soon as the VINE Call Center receives updated records from the on-site computer (within 15 minutes of a record change) and continue for 24 hours or until the notification is confirmed by entering the correct PIN.