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Victim Assistance (VINE Program) Hot line number (1-877-634-8463 /1-877-NE-4-VINE)

Getting timely and complete information can help the ongoing fear and concerns for the safety of victims of crime.


Information about the location of an offender involved plays a large part in both the physical and mental well being of victims. The Omaha Police Department is participating in a statewide victim notification system that will let victims receive information about the inmate’s status.


The system is called Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE). VINE provides all victims of crime and others, continuous access to vital inmate information over the telephone. By calling a toll free number a crime victim, or anyone, can determine current status of a person or register to be automatically notified of the release, transfer or escape of an inmate.


VINE will monitor the custody status of adult inmates in all county jails and state prisons in Nebraska. Updated information is available 24 hours a day. VINE is available in English and Spanish and supported by 24-hour operator assistance.


Anyone may call the Nebraska State VINE Hot line to determine the custody status of an inmate.



  • should know the inmate’s name or booking number
  • may call as often as they like
  • do not have to register when calling
  • can remain anonymous
  • have the option to register for automated telephone notification

If there is a change in an inmate’s status in the criminal justice system, the caller will be notified by the automated telephone system.


How to Register for VINE

How the VINE Process Works

VINE Calling Patterns

More information about VINE through the County Attorney's office



For customer service, technical assistance or to report a possible problem call the VINE Customer Service Department at 1-800-865-4314.

For more information on this and other topics, contact the Victim Assistance Squad at (402) 444-4597.