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Ride Along

Permission for a ride along is obtained through a process administered by the Omaha Police Department Coordinator of Volunteers.


Ride Alongs are performed Monday through Thursdays from 6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified by the precinct commander.


Some Qualifications are:

* Must be enrolled at an accredited college/university majoring in fields related to law enforcement and criminal justice
* Must be actively involved in the Omaha Police intern or volunteer programs
* Must display an interest in policing as a career
* Must be actively or previously enrolled in the Omaha Police Citizen Academy
* Must be able to display other acceptable reasons for desiring a ride along
* Ultimately each request must receive approval of a Precinct Commander


How to Request a Ride along:


Requests are desired at least one month prior to the date of the planned ride along.  Send request to:


Coordinator of Volunteers/Student Interns

Omaha Police Department

505 South 15th Street

Omaha, NE 68102-2769

Phone: (402) 444-3598


Materials you will have to submit will include:

1.       Ride-along Release Waiver

2.       Ride Along Request Form


Background checks are conducted after request for ride alongs are received. Assignments to a Precinct are on a rotating basis. Precinct priorities and officer availability for ride alongs are considered. Ride alongs are limited in number per individual per year.


Possible areas for a ride along:


 Approximate Area of Ride Along

 Telephone Number

Northwest Precinct   

 North of Dodge St. and West of 42nd St.

 (402) 444-5655

Northeast Precinct

 North of Dodge St. and East of 42nd St.

 (402) 444-3751

Southeast Precinct 

 South of Dodge St and East of 42nd St.

 (402) 444-4041

Southwest Precinct 

 South of Dodge St.and West of 42nd St. 

 (402)  444-6116