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Reporting Graffiti - Call the Mayor's Hotline at (402) 444-5555 when your property has been the target of graffiti vandals.

To combat the graffiti problem in Omaha, a Graffiti Task Force was created, in the spring of 1999, by representatives from law enforcement, the Mayor’s office, Public Works, the City Prosecutor’s office, the Fire Department and the Community Resource Center.


The strategy adopted by the Graffiti Task Force consists of enforcement and education.





Graffiti Hurts Everyone and Can Destroy a Neighborhood


The community has a responsibility to maintain their neighborhoods, and keep them graffiti-free.


The "Broken Window" theory, developed by George Kelling and James Q. Wilson, tells how "disorderly behavior, unregulated and unchecked, signals to citizens that the area is unsafe." Vandalism is disorderly behavior. Graffiti is vandalism. When an area is hit again, and again, by graffiti blight, citizens feel the area is not safe and it serves as a welcome mat to more serious crime.


In order to defeat the vandals, and keep our neighborhoods safe, we all have to continually be on top of the problem!


Gang Prevention

What Can You Do? 


This information was produced by the Omaha Police Department’s Community Resource Center (402) 444-5772.