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What is a Restraining Order?

  • A Restraining Order is a civil order that may prohibit a person from assaulting, molesting, threatening or disturbing the peace of another party or minor children.
  • A Restraining Order can protect property.
  • They are also beneficial to parties who do not want the police to intervene, but want to keep the issue in a civil court proceeding.
  • Restraining Orders are useful for people who would like another party to not harass them or their property.

Procedure to get a Restraining Order:

  • Restraining orders are obtained through an attorney
  • They can be included in a Divorce Decree
  • Contact an attorney and arrange to draw up a Restraining Order

Violation of a Restraining Order:


If you call police on a violation of a Restraining Order they will calm the situation and advise you to contact your attorney. You will be required to file a "Contempt of Court" against the other party. This will result in going back to court in front of the judge who signed the order. The judge decides the consequence.

If a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking needs assistance:

  • filing a Protection Order,
  • planning for safety from an abuser or stalker, or after an assault,
  • support at a Protection Order hearing,
  • support at a criminal hearing,

you may contact an Advocate at YWCA Omaha or the Omaha Police Domestic Violence Squad (402) 444-5825.