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Dynamics of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence must first be recognized before it can be stopped. Domestic violence has no barriers. It knows no race, sex, education, religion, age, or socioeconomic standing. It truly can happen to anyone.

Partner abuse is a crime of rage, power, and control. When there is violence in the home, everyone in the family and community suffers. Violence can never be an acceptable or justifiable way to solve problems.

The first step in stopping violence is to identify what partner abuse is. Victims are often confused about what is going on in a violence relationship. Rationalization and denial are often used by victims as a way to cope with the day-to-day reality in abusive homes.

The abuse can take several forms. It can be physical, emotional, sexual or economic. The abuse may be destruction of property or pets dear to the victim. It may be the victimization of the children or even the threat of suicide on themselves.

Battering tends to begin with verbal abuse, unreasonable jealousy, and/or pushing and shoving. It is likely to become more serious unless there is some type of intervention. A battering incident is rarely an isolated occurrence and the abuse/violence tends to escalate in frequency and intensity.

Domestic violence is a vicious cycle and affects thousands of people every year. It is important that victims are knowledgeable of the warning signs and have access to the community resources available to them.