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A Note For Victims 

Because domestic violence is a serious offense and affects so many victims every year, the Omaha Police Department has taken steps to encourage the arrests in domestic violence situations. This is done in the interest of the victims to ensure that they are directed to available resources and services.

It is important that victims understand the process that follows a "911" call in a domestic situation and what can be expected of the responding police.

  1. Once the police respond to a domestic disturbance and a report is filed, the Domestic Violence Squad continues the investigation and works with the court system to determine if an arrest can be made.
  2. Victims cannot press charges, drop charges, or obtain a warrant through the Douglas County Attorney's office. This will be handled through the investigation process.

The efforts of the Omaha Police Department’s Domestic Violence Squad are designed to decrease the burden on victims when trying to prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence, and to encourage the arrest and conviction of those perpetrators.