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What if your wallet, purse, or checkbook is lost or stolen?

  1. Contact your credit card companies immediately (this is where the photocopies made earlier come in handy, the telephone numbers are usually listed on the back of the cards). An immediate status on the card can prevent unauthorized use and assist in apprehension of the suspects.
  2. If your checks or account numbers have been stolen,contact your bank or financial institution. Work with your financial institutions to close your account and open a new one. Shred all of your remaining checks with your old account number.
  3. If you are being reimbursed from a financial institution or business for a monetary loss to you, you are not the victim of the forgery or fraud, the bank or business is the victim.

    • You are the victim of the theft of the credit card, checks, account number, or identity. It will be the responsibility of the bank or business to contact the Omaha Police for follow up on their loss.

Victims of any financial crime should keep a log of all conversations they have with law enforcement authorities, financial institutions, and others, including dates, times, names, and phone numbers, as well as, copies of all correspondence sent or received.


If you suspect that a person has stolen your credit cards, identification or other identifying information, contact the three major credit card reporting agencies listed below to have a fraud alert placed on your name and social security number. This will ensure that you are personally contacted prior to any credit activity:

Report the case to the Police so that you can show that you used diligence in preventing fraud. If the crime occurred in Omaha, you can make a report online or over the telephone by calling Omaha Police Department Telephone Report Squad at 402-444-5977 or 402-444-4877.