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For the past two years, the Foundation has played a key role in the police department’s record-breaking recruitment efforts.  Working in conjunction with generous media sponsors, the Foundation developed a comprehensive media and marketing campaign resulting in the submission of more than 3,000 applications with an impressive diversity percentage of 28% including all ethnic minorities and women.


In 2008, the Foundation raised funds for the purchase and outfitting of a customized recruitment vehicle to serve as a ‚Äúrolling billboard‚ÄĚ advertising the employment opportunities available through the Department while transporting the Department‚Äôs staff recruiters to hundreds of career fairs, safety expos and other events each year (cost: $41,000).

Exercise Equipment


In 2007, the Foundation purchased of state-of-the-art exercise equipment for both the Northwest and Southwest Precinct’s providing fitness and conditioning facilities and contributing to the overall health and wellness of Omaha’s officers (cost:  $84,000).


  Exercise Equipment





In 2006, the Foundation purchased a new Crime Lab Van, allowing the department to process crime scenes, on-site, more effectively (cost:  $30,000).


 Crime Lab Van




The Foundation helped purchase a Fire Arms Training Simulator (FATS) that creates realistic situations for officer training and improves decision-making and firearms proficiency while providing feedback on speed, accuracy and judgment (cost:  $118,000).


The Foundation provided funds for seven unmarked cars to be used by the Gang Suppression Unit (cost:  $150,000).


In 2003, the Foundation assisted with the purchase of a driving simulator that allows officers to practice pursuit driving under all types of weather conditions (cost:  $96,000).


The Foundation funded a series of race-relation retreats planned to improve understanding and trust between the African-American and Latino communities and the Omaha Police Department (cost:  $15,000).