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Omaha Police Foundation

Omaha Police Officers face many challenges while fulfilling their duty to serve and protect the citizens of Omaha.  In partnership with the Omaha Police Department, the Omaha Police Foundation works to ensure that our officers have the training and equipment they need to prevent crime, save lives and make Omaha a safer place in which to live.


While the City of Omaha funds the Omaha Police Department, tight budgeting results in the majority of those funds being allocated to fixed personnel costs. In addition, present methods of fiscal budgeting require the department to allocate city funds one-and-a-half to two years in advance. With rapidly changing technology and unforeseen training needs, it is nearly impossible to anticipate all potential costs.  Combined, these circumstances often leave very limited funding for non-personnel costs, such as new equipment acquisitions and technology upgrades. 


The Foundation plays a crucial role in filling this gap by ensuring that funding is secured to meet these important needs. 


Creating a Foundation to Serve the Public Need




How to Support the Omaha Police Foundation


Making Omaha a safer place to live and work is the guiding function of the Omaha Police Foundation. Funds raised by the Foundation are used to purchase equipment,

provide training and offer support to a variety of Omaha Police initiatives that are not covered by the department’s budget.


The Omaha Police Foundation welcomes every opportunity to work with individuals, businesses and philanthropic contributors who would like to support the work of the Omaha Police Department.


Donations may be earmarked for a specific project or directed to benefit a specific unit such as Canine, Crime Lab, Crime Prevention, Emergency Response, Honor Guard, Mounted Patrol and Recruitment.




Omaha Police Foundation

c/o Vic Gutman & Associates 

P.O. Box 31134 

Omaha, NE 68131-0134




Ms. Elizabeth Balazs


Omaha Police Foundation

Phone:  (402) 345-5401