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Speakers Bureau

The Omaha Police Department provides educational presentations for all ages.


Speakers are available on the following subjects Monday through Friday. 


*** Presentations marked with asterisks are for elementary-level children.






Learn to recognize bullies and their behavior and how to deal with conflict and bullying behavior. 

(402) 444-5772

Business Watch

How to start a Business Watch with businesses in your area and share information on crimes.

(402) 444-6518

***Choices & Consequences

Learn the "Decision-Making Process" and the difference between risk and consequence.

(402) 444-5772 

Citizens in Omaha Police Service (COPS) 

An adult volunteer program with OPD.

(402) 444-6518

Crime-Free Multi-Housing


Excellent training for landlords of apartment buildings. Learn how you can evict tenants who have committed a crime.

More information

(402) 444-6517 

***Crime Prevention for Kids

Good safety advice/crime prevention information for elementary kids.

(402) 444-5772

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Things you can do to your home and yard to reduce your chances of being a victim of crime. More Information.

(402) 444-6518

Drug Awareness Talk

Learn about various popular drugs and see "look-a-likes" in our drug display case.

(402) 444-5772


What parents should know about gangs.

(402) 444-5772

Neighborhood Watch

How to start and maintain a Watch on your block.

(402) 444-5772

911 - How It Works

What to say when you call 911 and an explanation of the prioritization of calls.

(402) 444-5772

Nuisance Unit 

Find out how you can clean up your neighborhood through nuisance ordinances.

(402) 444-6517

***Peer Pressure

Learn how peer pressure can influence choices and how to use positive peer pressure.

(402) 444-5772

Safety on the Internet

How to keep your kids safe on the internet - for Adults.

(402) 444-6478 or

(402) 444-4873

***Stranger Safety

Stresses the importance of never trusting any stranger, anywhere, any time. 

(402) 444-5772

***Wheel Safety - Bikes, Skateboards, Roller-blades & Scooters

Learn the proper safety equipment, clothing to wear, and rules of the road.

(402) 444-5772