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Law Enforcement Explorer Post 591

What is Exploring?
Exploring is part of the Boy Scouts of America Learning For Life program for young men and women who are at least 14 years old (and have completed eighth grade), but are not yet 21. The program is operated by chartered organizations (local community organizations, businesses, industries, professional organizations, churches and civic groups) with programs that match the interests of young adults.


Explorer Post 591, sponsored by the Omaha Police Department, allows youth to experience the world of law enforcement.

Explorer Post 591 is managed through OPD’s Crime Prevention Unit. The Post holds regular weekly meetings at OPD’s Northwest Assembly, 10245 Wiesman Drive (just north of 103rd & Fort). The meetings are held Thursdays, from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

During the regular meetings, the Explorers receive training in Police procedures, accident investigation, search and arrest, radio communications, criminal investigations, as well as many other facets of law enforcement.

Explorers have the opportunity to work with Police Officers on a number of police-sponsored projects that include the Omaha Police Safety Expo, Scout Day and numerous crime prevention events and community events.

How Do You join?
Every Fall, the Omaha Police Department hosts a recruiting and informational session for the Explorers Program. Notices of this meeting are circulated through the school districts. Interested young people, and their parents, are encouraged to attend the session. Representatives from the Boy Scouts, and Police Officers, are on hand to answer questions and explain the program. The Explorers’ meetings begin in the Fall, and continue through the school year.

Youth who are interested in joining the Police Explorer program must:

  • Have no felony charges or convictions
  • Have no more than three explainable misdemeanor charges
  • Have no more than one explainable misdemeanor conviction
  • Maintain a good scholastic record
  • Be at least fourteen years of age and no older than twenty
  • 18 and older must have previous unbroken membership with Explorer Post 591
  • Have an interest in law enforcement as a career
  • Have an interest in attaining personal growth, and a better understanding between today’s youth and law enforcement

Explorers will be required to pay a registration fee of $40 per year. This annual fee includes liability insurance, equipment and scholarship opportunities.

Parent’s Responsibilities
Parents are responsible for their child’s transportation to and from meetings and functions.