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Crime Prevention Tips

Ways To Protect Yourself From Sexual Assault:

There have been several sexual assaults that have occurred in Omaha.  Police continue to work diligently on the cases and are asking for the public’s help to call 911 regarding suspicious people.  In such a scenario as far as sexual assault is concerned, every woman should know how to protect herself against this heinous crime. Here are some precautions that you can take.


1. Be Armed: By being armed we do not mean carry a gun or a pistol on you, but instead other safety devices and products that can be as effective as a gun but less deadly. Mace cans, and pepper spray can be extremely effective to deter a potential suspect. These safety products are much easier to procure than a weapon and can be equally handy.


In situations where you are under the threat of assault, you might find yourself in shock or without proper hand eye coordination. In such situations, a can of pepper foam or mace may in fact be more useful than a regular gun.


In addition to being very effective, safety products are quite cheap too. They are designed in a manner (you can even get lipstick pepper sprays that look like a lipstick!) so as to fit even the smallest of purses, so that you can always have something handy with which to protect yourself.


A great place to get the lipstick pepper spray, as well as numerous other products and devices for self protection, is Apart from a great selection of safety devices, the prices on this site are also unbeatable.

2. Be Cautious when Outdoors: When you are away from home, it is important to be aware of what is going on around you and be alert. Here are some tactics to use when outdoors:

  • Suspects generally tend to attack women who appear to be walking along aimlessly or who do not seem very active. Thus, by being confident and walking erect and purposefully, you can deter a rapist.
  • If you are walking on the streets, make sure to stay away from narrow alleys or dark streets. Never ever take a shortcut through a rough neighborhood or through deserted paths and always stay on the main street.
  • Do not walk by yourself after dark. Take a cab home or ask a friend to pick you up. If you must walk, make sure you walk quickly and take a route that is not deserted. Keeping your can of mace or pepper spray in your hand is also a good idea.
  • Always know exactly where you are. In case you do find yourself in trouble and have to call someone for help, you need to know your exact location. A 911 dispatcher will also ask you your location first, so know which area and street you are on.
  • A large number of women get attacked when getting into their cars. Thus, approach your vehicle with your key already in your hand so that you do not waste time fumbling for the key. Get into your car as soon as you open it and drive away.

3. Safety at Home: There are a number of women who are sexually assaulted in their homes, thus, here’s what you can do to safeguard yourself when home:

  • The area outside your main entrance should be lit properly so that there are no dark shadows where a potential suspect can hide.
  • Ensure that your main door has a peephole so that you know who you are opening your door to. If a stranger is at your door, enquire why they are there and open the door only if you are completely satisfied with their answer.
  • Keep your curtains drawn as far as possible so that people cannot look into your home, especially after nightfall.
  • If you are not expecting any deliveries or any utility service people, do not open the door to such people. If you must, ensure that the safety chain is in place.
  • Always keep your doors locked. Even if you live in an extremely safe neighborhood, you should never leave your gates unlocked even for a few minutes. Many women make the mistake of thinking that a suspect would never dare to enter their home because their area is so well guarded. Keep your doors and windows bolted.
  • Call 911 on suspicious people in the neighborhood. 
  • Be cognizant of your surroundings and notice if someone continually  “sees” you.

Additional prevention tips can be found at the following web site.


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