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Community Resource Center

What is the Community Resource Center?

The Community Resource Center (CRC) opened in October of 1995, and is one section of the Omaha Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit. It is currently run by Lt. Steve King.  He can be reached at (402) 444-6144.  This Unit also consists of:

  • the Nuisance Task Force
  • Business Watch
  • the School Resource Officers who work in the high schools and middle schools of the Omaha and Westside School Districts
  • Closed Property

The purpose of the CRC is to serve as a liaison between the Omaha Police Department and Neighborhood Watch Groups, Neighborhood Associations, other community groups and individuals within the community who want or need help with crime prevention and problem-solving.


The CRC also helps neighborhoods develop and promote a better, safer quality of life by utilizing a variety of crime prevention resources and programs. The CRC staff is comprised of five civilian police department employees including four Crime Prevention Specialists and a Crime Prevention Coordinator.

Where is the CRC located and when is it open?

The CRC is headquartered with OPD’s Crime Prevention Unit at 10245 Wiesman.


You can reach our Secretary Monday through Friday, 6:30AM to 1:00PM, at (402) 444-5772, or leave a message and your call will be returned.


The lobby area of the Wiesman building is open Monday through Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM, except holidays. You can pick-up brochures and crime prevention information at this location. The four CRC satellite offices are at the Precinct Buildings to provide assistance to neighborhoods and individuals within the Precincts.

  • Southwest Precinct, 98th & Mockingbird Streets. The Crime Prevention Specialist (CPS) is Pam Ehrhart and she can be reached at (402) 444-7928.
  • Northwest Precinct, 10245 Wiseman, is in the same building as the Crime Prevention Unit. Bridget Fitzpatrick is the CPS and she can be reached at (402) 444-6478.
  • Northeast Precinct, 30th & Taylor Streets. The CPS is Theola Cooper and she can be reached at (402) 444-3367.
  • Southeast Precinct, 25th & Vinton Streets. Serves both the English and Spanish-speaking communities. The CPS is Ofelia Robles and she can be reached at (402) 444-7743.

The work hours of the CPSs vary, so call ahead for an appointment.

What resources does the CRC provide?

The CRC resources include a large library of printed material on crime prevention and safety issues, a Speaker’s Bureau and a semi-monthly newsletter. The CRC staff can help to solve most neighborhood issues that do not require an officer.

What other ways can the CRC staff help you with your neighborhood?

The CRC staff can:

  • Schedule meetings to meet with you and your neighbors to work on problems that you may be experiencing. The staff is trained in problem-solving.
  • Help you in documenting suspected illegal drug and gang activity in your neighborhood.
  • Help you start a Neighborhood Watch Group.
  • Connect you with the Neighborhood Association in your area.
  • Provide you with phone numbers and information on various code enforcement issues, such as abandoned cars, weeds, litter, etc.
  • Provide speakers from our Speakers’ Bureau for your organization, or club.             

What other ways does the CRC interact with the community?

The CRC staff assists the Precinct Captains in coordinating the Precinct Advisory Councils (PACs) in all four police precincts. These councils serve as vehicles for community members to work on various problems with city government.


The CRC staff also works in partnership with a variety of agencies to improve the living conditions in our neighborhoods.

What are some of the accomplishments of the CRC?

The CRC sponsors several campaigns throughout the year. These include:

  • A “Recognition/Awards Banquet,” held in March each year to recognize outstanding volunteers in the Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols and Captains of Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • “Salute to Safety Expo,” held yearly at the end of April or first of May; is a total public safety event with police and fire department displays from the Omaha area.
  • “National Night Out,” the first Tuesday in August each year; a time for Neighborhood Watch Groups to celebrate on their blocks.
  • “Recognition of the Crime Prevention People of the Year,” held the end of October.