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Business Watch

Business Watch Squad, (402) 444-6518

Fax – (402) 444-3956 or e-mail.


The Business Watch Squad provides the following programs: Business Watch Program, Crime Free Multi Housing (CFMH), Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and the Closed Property Program. 


Business Watch provides crime prevention information to the business community and enables businesses to network with one another and the Omaha Police Department in order to decrease criminal activity. This network helps to provide a safer community, not only for businesses, but also for the neighborhoods. 


The Business Watch Squad issues items such as “E-mail Alerts” and a monthly Business Beat publication.


Information is provided on topics such as:

  • robberies
  • burglaries
  • internal/external theft
  • employee safety
  • Ban & Bar
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Crine-Free Multi-Housing
  • other crime prevention issues

A Business Watch Officer may conduct security audits of business properties upon request. Business managers watching out for each other establishes an effective crime prevention strategy.


Please call or email the Business Watch Squad for more information on these programs.