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Policies and Procedures Manual

The Omaha Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual are provided for reference.  In order to maintain high levels of professional conduct, policies and procedures are established to provide both guidance and serve as a reference to employees of the Department. It is the responsibility of each employee of the Department to follow the policies and procedures set forth within the manual. However, it is understood that law enforcement is dynamic and it is not possible to anticipate every circumstance that may confront an employee.


The manual provides internal guidance for employees of the Omaha Police Department. It does not increase an employee’s civil or criminal liability in any way. The policies and procedures are not to be construed as the creation of a higher standard of performance, safety or duty of care in any evidentiary sense with respect to third party plaintiffs. Violations of the Policies and Procedures Manual, if proven, shall only form the basis of internal administrative action by the Chief of Police.


The Omaha Police Department reserves the right to not publicly post any policies that are considered sensitive or tactical in nature. The Policies and Procedures Manual is being completely revised and updated so additional portions will be posted to this website as sections are completed.  Links within the public version are not active as they are part of internal sites which contain information that is temporary, tactical, or confidential.  The Omaha Police Department appreciates your patience as we complete this project.


View the Omaha Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual, revision 16OCT14.