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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to your most commonly asked questions...

  1. Where do you get your dogs?
    • Our police service dogs (PSD’s) are imported from Europe because of the high quality of breeding standards.
  2. How are the dogs trained?
    • The dog and handler go through an extensive 10 week training program. Training is on-going and continues throughout the life of the dog.
  3. How long is the dog’s career?
    • The average career length is 6 years. During this time the PSD resides with the handler and becomes a valued member of the family.
  4. Why use dogs in police work?
    • Quite simply because they can do what no human or machine can do. By virtue of their keen sense of smell, they are able to locate narcotics, people, evidence and contraband.
    • The PSD is his handler’s protector and willingly puts his life on the line for him everyday.