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Internal Affairs (402) 444-5629

The purpose of the Internal Affairs Unit is to insure the continued confidence of the community by upholding the integrity of the department.


Our mission remains that we protect the public, our employees, and the Department as we continue to provide a professional and thorough investigative process regarding complaints against our employees.  Our vigorous process is not only one that will bring to light misconduct or inappropriate activity, but it will also seek to protect our employees and the department from unfounded and unwarranted accusations.


Citizen complaints will be investigated by an Internal Affairs Investigator or by a line investigation and referral to an employee’s Captain and chain of command.


The Internal Affairs Unit has the authority to conduct investigations in the following instances:

  • When an allegation or complaint of misconduct is made against an employee of the police department.
  • Whenever an officer discharges a firearm, other than for training purposes.
  • A death that occurs while in the custody of this department.
  • A complaint of criminal misconduct made against an employee.¬† In the event that the probability exists that a criminal charge may be filed against an employee, the Internal Affairs Unit will conduct an administrative investigation.

Citizen Complaint Process

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