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History of the Omaha Police Department (1991 - Present)

1991 In the early part of the year, Chief Skinner called together representatives from various Police Department organizations who represented active or retired officers and their families and non-sworn police employees. This meeting was called to see if there was any interest in creating a memorial to the Officers killed in the line of duty.


1993 The Omaha Police Memorial with the names of twenty-one Officers killed in the line of duty was constructed. The inscription on the monument reads: Click to view larger image of Police Memorial


This monument represents the men and women of the Omaha Police Department and their families. Since 1887, this organization has served and protected our community in order that we may all live in a free and safe society. It is with respect and appreciation that the citizens of Omaha honor these dedicated people. 


This monument was dedicated on Police Memorial Day, May 15th, 1994. This memorial monument is now easily viewed by anyone walking into Omaha Police Headquarters.


1995 Aug 20th. Jimmy Wilson, Jr., a third generation Omaha Police Officer, was shot to death making a traffic stop. The suspect used a military-style rifle and attacked so quickly that Wilson was still seat-belted in place with a radio mike in his hand. Officer Wilson's name was the first officer added to the memorial wall in over twenty years.Click to view larger image of Police Helicopter

A new precinct building was constructed at 30th and Taylor Streets. This new precinct building serves the North East sector of Omaha and replaced two outdated assembly buildings at 48th and Ames Avenue and 40th and Nicholas Streets.


1997 The Omaha Police Department launched our new helicopter program called "Able-1". The Omaha Police Helicopter has been an extremely valuable tool in the fight against crime. 

Click to view larger image of Chief of Police Donald Carey1998 Chief of Police Donald Carey was appointed by Mayor Hal Daub. Chief Carey previously served as Chief of Police in Independence, Missouri and Blacksburg, Virginia.


1999 Another new precinct building was constructed and dedicated at 25th and Deer Park Blvd. This new building serves the South East sector of Omaha and replaced the former police assembly at 24th and 'O' Streets.

2003 Mayor Mike Fahey names Thomas Warren Chief of Police, the first African American to serve as Police Chief in Omaha.

2008 Deputy Chief Eric Buske is named Chief of Police by Mayor Mike Fahey.

2008 The Omaha Public Safety Training Center opens in Northwest Omaha. The facility is shared with the Omaha Fire Department, and the National Guard. It has a firing range, vehicle track and classrooms. This is the first time that OPD has a facility to meet all training needs for recruits. 

2009 Mayor Jim Suttle names Alex Hayes Chief of Police. 

2012 Major Jim Suttle names David Baker Interim Chief of Police. Todd Schmaderer is named Chief of Police later in the year.