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Project Night Life


Project Night Life Drive to Survive

Project Night Life is a funded grant through the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety that focuses on reducing the number of teenagers involved in collisions, especially fatal and life threatening crashes. Project Night Life accomplishes this goal by educating teen drivers about Nebraska’s Provisional Operators Permit and also conduct enforcement operations around the Omaha area.


As part of the education aspect of the grant, our unit has developed a presentation which covers several areas including:

1. Guidelines and restrictions concerning the Provisional Operators permit.

2. Risky driving behaviors that statistically cause accidents (drinking alcohol, using drugs, texting, speeding and distracting driving).

3. Discussing recent fatal vehicle crashes involving teenage drivers from the metro area in which the teenage driver was involved in a risk behavior. The discussion includes photos of crash scenes (no bodies or blood shown).


The presentations are generally about forty-five minutes (depending on questions from students). The presentation length can be modified to some extent to best suit your school/event need. Presentations can be done on an all day individual classroom type of instruction or in a large mass assembly type. Presentations have even been given to groups that meet after school and student leaders.


Project Night Life would like to have an opportunity to positively impact your students, young teen drivers and staff.


Please feel free to contact the traffic unit at 402-444-5626.